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Emerson Ag & Industrial, LLC (EAI-FleetDirect), Agricultural Parts Online

Was born out of and is dedicated to our surrounding area of agriculture and industrial industry by providing a superior replacement parts solutions to farmers, growers, contractors, landscapers, rental yards, municipalities and ranch owners. We are only as good as the abilities and minds of our employees, so you will have the confidence of a fair trade that will save you money, provide a top quality fair priced product for your equipment, and will always come to you when needed. To maintain our success and our competitive reputation we will communicate among each other to stay ahead of equipment failures, emergency unit down failures, and provide a preventative maintenance program. Furthermore, we will provide unparalleled professional service to create and retain customer loyalty.

Welcome To Emerson Ag!

Emerson Ag and Industrial is your Fleet Maintenance Solutions company.  We will focus on your needs. When you trust Emerson Ag you will have the peace of mind of exclusive, experienced, service minded individuals at work for you. We are available on the web to the general public, but locally we focus on the intense needs of the few that contract with us. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

How can we help you?

  1. Hay equipment repair parts at your location. Our Fleet Service mentality will help move you from emergency parts retrieval to forward planning program to save money, fuel and downtime with your specific needs in mind.
  2. Preventive Maintenance plans and schedules. We will help plan a complete PM schedule for all your equipment. Over the lifetime of your equipment this will reduce your overall cost and help in budgeting your maintenance needs.
  3. Guaranteed Parts: We will not sell any part or component we cannot guarantee!

Our major suppliers include Fleetguard Filtration, Eliminator Mfg, Lucas Lubrication and two Aftermarket Suppliers. Each of these products are factory direct and the huge saving is passed onto you. These products have proven their quality and now you can get these products direct to you at prices lower than you never thought possible. We provide many solutions for all your equipment, including O.E.M. Direct for original replacement, Aftermarket for price and quality considerations plus Custom providers with solutions for your specific needs.

Cordex balecord Hay Bale TwinesCordexagri Baler Twine

In the strive to be the most efficient I have added Cordex to my factory direct offerings. This is not an additional product I sell retail. I am the California and Nevada representative for Cordex North America. My experience with this product goes back to 2004 when after many failures of other brands, Cordex is the only product I have not experienced failure in the field. This is customer proven! So I will focus my skills on baler twine and net-wraps that are used by hay, straw and alfalfa farmers all over the country.

In my career I have been in contact with baler twine beginning as a user, then as a retail seller, and now currently factory direct product sales. Ask me my personal story and I will tell you that I chose Cordex by experience! It is not IF twine will fail, it is WHEN. Baler Twine is not defined as Domestic or Import, but by quality support and customer service. With my customers assistance, we put all the products to test. Today my customers have proven Cordex is a head above in quality, customer support, customer service, and price.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
– Benjamin Franklin

All Twine Product Sales Are Handled by Our Professional Product Specialists. Please Click on “Contact Us For Quote” or fill out the form below for Purchasing, Questions or Comments. Management system governing the manufacture of this product is ISO 9001:2008 certified. That means We Care That You Receive Premium Quality. “Bale with Ultimate strength” Please fill out the contact form for Purchasing, Questions or Comments. Contact Us.

Customer Comments:

Hay Farming 101: You will always breakdown just before a three day holiday with rain in the forecast and hundreds of hay bales that need to be put in the barn.

I called on a Thursday at 4pm (July 4th on that next Monday) amazed Emerson even had that part for a machine that’s over 40 years old… Of course our ranch is in the boondocks and Fed-X or UPS has no Saturday delivery, I called too late for a Friday delivery, but the machine didn’t break till about 3:30… Rain and lots of rain on the forecast for Sunday. No parts by Saturday means thousands of dollars of hay bales are soaked and worthless. Emerson and I worked out a Saturday delivery to the UPS remote warehouse 25 miles away for pick up and I got the parts, fixed the stack cruiser, got all the bales in the barn before the rain!
Excellent customer service, and awareness of what farming/breakdowns are all about.
Thank you, your good effort saved my crop.
Merten Ranch, WA [July 8, 2016]

Great service and parts fit perfect thanks guys.
Lost Coast Hay CA. [July 7, 2016]

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