Important Forms



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The appropriate forms must be submitted to support your purchases, sales may have to be denied if forms are not
Please download your appropriate forms, fill out fully and fax to Craig Emerson 530-476-3932

1. Bale Twine Tax Exempt Form – California <

Use this form if you purchase tax free twine in California. Most of you will just mark B. …not required… then II. …your a hay producer and someone else sells your hay…

2. Bale Twine Exempt Form – Nevada <

Fill out this one if you purchase twine in Nevada, just fill out the form to get tax free twine.

3. California Farm Partial Tax Exemption Certificate <

Fill this one out if you purchase parts from Emerson AG, just fill out the bottom. If you don’t have a permit number leave it empty. This form secures your California Tax Reduction for Qualified Sales and Purchases of Farm Equipment and Machinery. It comes to a 5.25% reduction!

Cordex Baler Twine – Preseason Entry Form < Go here to enter your 2017 twine needs online.

Having Trouble with Forms? Let me know where and how to send the forms to you…

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