JL69349 Bearing Cone Timken


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JL69349 Bearing Cone Timken

Bearing Cone, Axle Inner Spindle
Hay Rake Wheel Hub on Walking Beam
Darf Hay Rake Axle Inner Bearing Cone #9039
Allen Hay Rake Axle Inner Bearing Cone #77-007-02
Replaces: JL69349 BEARINGS, 9039 DARF, 77-007-02 Allen LMC, JD9602 JOHN DEERE

Bore 1.496″
Radius .14″
Width .669″

Through the years, agriculture customers have turned to Timken for products and services that are designed for high performance, extended equipment life and enhanced productivity. We apply a century of innovation, engineering, manufacturing and service know-how to every application.
Timken® housed units are a necessity for tough agricultural applications where tough conditions include crop dust, debris and other contaminants. Timken® is found in a wide array of agriculture applications. Each bearing is designed with the same idea in mind – to maximize performance. The wide inner ring design, still preferred in farm equipment applications, provides customers with a product that is easily mounted on straight shafts and positioned without shoulders, locknuts or adapters.
Our housed units are used throughout internal systems, such as pulleys, drive systems and augers. We continue to develop special units and make innovations to improve performance and give longer life, such as tri-ply seals, patented eccentric locking collar, robust housing and the easiest-to-install shaft guarding product.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2 in


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