Manual Reset Circuit Breaker Type III


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Manual Reset Circuit Breaker Type III

Parts for Hay Knotter Fan

As OEM parts wear out and need replacement, these operational headaches quickly become expensive and time consuming.

    • Eliminate Frustrations The rugged Hay Knotter Fan with a built-in side shroud blows away dirt, loose hay, and debris resulting in fast and efficient operation.
    • 12 Volt DC permanent magnet motor with sealed ball bearing; virtually unbreakable nylon fan blade; side-shroud improves air flow.
    • Hay Knotter Fan can increase the life of moving parts associated with the hay mechanism by as much as 50%. Downtime and hay knotter cleanup is virtually eliminated, saving you time and money.

Detail: Type lll Manual Reset with the trip indication shown on the body of the circuit breaker and it must be manually reset,
Type lll Switchable, which is similar to Type lll Manual Reset, but the circuit breaker has a manual trip button [Picture is SAMPLE only]


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in


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