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Over 90% of the original baling wire market use polypropylene baler twine.

Cordex North America uses advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques result in fewer raw materials to achieve higher tensile strengths, thus reducing the impact on the environment. Only virgin plastic resin is used in the manufacturing process. To protect against light degradation all baler twine is treated with a Ultra Violet (UV) inhibitor.

Since the early 1960’s Cordex North America has been one of the agricultural industry’s leading marketer’s and manufacturers of polypropylene baler twine. It is a name long-trusted and recognized by hay producers for its exceptional quality and fair pricing.

Cordex North America produces baler twine and net wrap for virtually every type of hay baling operation in the U.S., Canada and many foreign countries.

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Cordexagri MaxxCord High Density PINK
Cordexagri MaxxCord High Density 600# PINK

Cordexagri Xtreme High Density
Xtreme High Density 600#
Baler Twine Giant Spools
Giant Spools [Bigger Balls]
Baler Twine UltraGrip
UltraGrip 550# [80% Higher Knot Grip]

Baler Twine Cordexagri Large Square
Cordexagri Large Square Baler Twine

Cordex North America Professional Grade Baler Twine…
• Only virgin plastic resin used in manufacturing process
• Specially treated UV inhibitor for protection against light degradation
• State of the art manufacturing equipment
• Higher knot strengths
• More efficient manufacturing process for a greener footprint

You can be assured that each and every pallet that leaves the factory has been tested and approved to meet the demands of any hay baling situation. By using technically advanced equipment in the manufacturing of our twine, Cordex North America uses fewer raw materials to achieve a higher tensile strength, thus reducing the impact on the environment giving farmers a greener option as well.
Cordex North America produces products for your every baling twine need:
Square Baler Twine Giant Spools are designed to fit the new generation of Hesston, Massey Ferguson and Challenger large square balers and the Claas Quadrant large square balers. Available in three sizes: 6000/350 (6,000’ length with 350-lb tensile strength) , 5500/400 (5,500’ length with 400-lb tensile strength) and 5000/450 (5,000’ length with 450-lb tensile strength). Giant Spools is designed to keep you in the field longer and reduce knot breakage by eliminating human error.

AGCO Advanced Tech Solutions

During AGCO testing Hay producer Dean Bartram of Ely Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom said, “I like the Giant Spools because we are able to fill up [the baler] in the morning and don’t have to stop and refill for the rest of the day. We don’t lose time, time that could best be spent on baling.” Taken from Hay and Forage.

With the higher pressures and densities baler twine of 550 and 600 knot strength are needed, Cordex North America completed its extensive research and developed Cordex balecord XTreme 600 knot strength in lengths of 4,000 ft. and 3,300 ft. available now. Additionally, their ULTRA GRIP 550 is the leading Big Baler twine. The Ultra Grip technology reduces slippage and forms a firm, powerful knot with 80% (percent) more grip at the knot than regular baler twine.

Our twine and net wrap has been rigorously tested to meet performance expectations for all Baler Equipment. A full range of baler twine and net wrap products are available for use in large square balers, round balers and small square balers.

Net Wrap Today,

Cordex North America Professional Grade Side-to-Side Net Wrap
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Netexx Standard Net Wrap
Netexx Standard Net Wrap

CORDEX Standard Bale Net Wrap
CORDEX Standard Bale Net Wrap
NetexXtreme Net Wrap
NetexXtreme Net Wrap

CORDEX Xtreme Baler Net Wrap
CORDEX Xtreme Baler Net Wrap
xx iD Net Wrap
xx iD Net Wrap

A new generation of net wrap manufactured to become the best performing net wrap on the market for all models of round baling machines.
• Side-to-Side Coverage for Full Coverage
• Minimum Length Guarantee
• Left/Right Installation Indicator
• Red Warning Indicator last 250 feet of the roll
• Maximum UV Protection to prevent degradation
• Identification Label on each roll, traceable throughout the production cycle

Discover the advantages of using Cordex North America Net Wrap as compared to twine tied bales. This online tool provides an estimated calculation of the time saved in the field using Cordex Net Wrap vs. twine tied bales. Less time in the field translates into reduced fuel and labor costs.

Calculate Your Baler Twine Costs Like Never Before!

Agri Tools  SOLUTION: An innovative way of understanding and reducing baling costs.
Cordex Agri (Cordex North America) strongly believes in helping customers to be as profitable as possible. During the winter of 2012 Cordex developed a fully integrated guide to help contractors and farmers alike at This free service with no membership requirement will help with Big Square, Small Square or Round Baling, either with Twine or Net wrap

“AGRITOOLS” HAS ALL the answers!
1. Which product should I use in my baler?
2. How many bales will that product make in my baler?
3. How much will it cost me to make that bale?
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CORDEX is a part or day-to-day agriculture, working each day with a goal in mind or gening better than the rest. You can always count on us. CordexAgri-US.


Emerson Ag & Industrial is your Cordex North America Baler Twine Factory Representative. Email or call for square baler twine prices. Get a comprehensive quote on all our square baler twine for sale. Call to get additional product information or to discuss the product(s) that are right for you.

In my career I have been in contact with baler twine starting as a consumer, then as a retail selling bale twines, and now currently factory direct product bale twine sales. Ask me my personal story and I will tell you that I chose Cordex North America by experience! I learned the hard way “It is not IF cheap twine will fail, it is WHEN”. Baler Twine is no longer defined as Domestic or Import, but by quality, support and customer service. With all the upsets and uncertainties in the market today choose a company that is there when you need us.

Don’t go another harvest season with broken bales, unsure deliveries, fluctuating prices and inconsistent quality. Call or email today and Bale with Ultimate Strength.

The management system governing the manufacture of this product is ISO 9001:2008 certified. That means We Care That You Receive Premium Quality. “Bale with Ultimate Strength”

Cordex North America Big Square Baler Twine
Cordex North America Big Square Baler Twine

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