CORDEX Sisal Baler Twine

Sisal Baler Twine

CORDEX Sisal Baler Twine

ENVIROCORD® Polypropylene Alternative to Natural Sisal Baler Twine. The solar degradable twine. envirocord® comes in cartons with special protective double layer packaging (exterior white / interior black). its a viable solution for sisal baler twine  replacement and assures trouble free baling. Developed as an polypropylene alternative to natural sisal baler twine, Cordex has over 15 years experience manufacturing these highly technical products. When comparing the same spool length and tensil strength, savings of 33% to 50% is realized.

CORDEX Sisal Baler Twine

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“With accurate runnages and higher consistency, cordexagri ENVIROCORD® provides value and saves you money.”

Available solution for polypropylene alternative to natural sisal twine.

  1. Water proof,
  2. Lower input costs,
  3. Guaranteed real runnage,
  4. Odorless – no offensive smell,
  5. Consistency – no thick and thin spots
  6. Solar degradeable – Starts to degrade after 3 months of solar exposure.

Sisal 9,000/140 38# (237 feet/lb) / Envirocord 9,000/140 17# (531 feet/lb) (Pack 2 spools) = 33% LESS in PRICE!
Sisal 16,000/180 38# (365 feet/lb) / Envirocord 16,000/180 17# (941 feet/lb) (Pack 2 Spools) = 33% LESS in PRICE!

140/9,000, 180/16,000, *Also available in 20,000 Length/110 Single spool for even higher savings!
7,200′ Square, 9,000′ Square, 16,000′ Econo, 16,000′ Round, 16,000′ Untreated

All Sisal Twines are subject to quantities on hand. Consider the plastic solar degradeable Envirocord and get away from the Sisal high prices!

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Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008