SilaCORD Balewrap Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap

SilaCORD Bale Wrap

SilaCORD Bale Wrap

SILAGEFILM SILACORD by Cordex North America bale wrap film supplier.

Bale Wrap is also referred to as Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap.
A co-extruded, multi layer film guaranteeing high puncture resistance. Its superior strength guarantees its suitability for square bale wrapping in the toughest conditions.
SilaCORD has a high anti UV content to guarantee against film degradation and spoiled fodder. Suitable for round and square wrapping machines.

When harvesters talk about Stretch Wrap, SilaCORD is a world leader, harvesters depend on the protection of millions of square and round bales in over 53 countries. Cordex N.A. extensive research and development has produced the highest quality product that is trusted by farmers and harvesters worldwide.

SilaCORD is Multi-layer construction for superior strength, designed for trouble-free use when wrapping round and square bales, and is versatile enough to be used on almost any type of crop. It is also suitable for use on all types of bale wrappers.

Is Black or White or Black wrap better?
German researchers report only negligible differences in corn silage quality between bales wrapped in white and black plastic. Irish researchers found plastic color had little impact on carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations in wrapped grass silage. English studies found that grass silage wrapped six to eight times in green and black plastic suffered little to no loss. But forage digestibility and metabolizable energy increased with black plastic. Penn State and Wisconsin studies found little to no difference in silage quality due to wrap color.

The verdicts are in. The researchers have spoken. Bale wrap color for baleage isn’t an issue. But plastic quality is.
The bottom line: Baleage quality is much more dependent on plastic quality, thickness and UV resistance than color. You can bale it, even bank more profit on it with the resulting higher baleage quality.[FarmProgress]

Cordex Silacord Bale Wrap

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Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008