SilaCORD Balewrap Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap

Cordexagri SilaCORD Bale Wrap

Cordexagri Silacord Bale Wrap
Cordexagri Silacord Bale Wrap
Cordexagri Product Linecard
Cordexagri Product Linecard

Cordexagri Silacord Bale Wrap
Cordexagri Silacord Bale Wrap

“Cordexagri Silacord Bale Wrap”

A 5 layer film, co-extruded, guaranteed high puncture resistance. Its superior strength guarantees its suitability for square bale wrapping in the toughest conditions.

We Will Beat Any Quote of Any Similar Quality Wrap!  Don’t miss out!

Why Cordexagri Silacord Professional Bale Wrap?

  • 5 Layer
  • Co-Extruded
  • High Puncture Resistance
  • Superior Strength
  • Suitable for Round and Square Bale Wrapping
  • For Tough Conditions
  • Anti-UV to Prevent Film Degradation and Spoiled Fodder
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified. That means We Care That You Receive Premium Quality. “Bale with Ultimate Strength”

Why Cordexagri in your Baler?

  1. Baler Twine Prices to Meet Your Budget! Factory Direct.
  2. Only Manufacture to Produce ALL Products!
  3. Pre-Season Discounts Available.
  4. Ship Factory Direct to your Farm, Ranch or Custom Operation
  5. All Colors, All Sizes, All Balers!
  6. FREE Freight Available. Call Now!
Preseason Ordering begins October and continues through December. Preseason ordering discount and prepaid cash discount available. All products are manufactured and distributed by Cordexagri.
Craig Emerson is your California and Nevada Representative and is currently booking orders to guarantee your product, color and discount choices are locked in. Please call him to get your season long locked in price today!


Need more product information? Visit EmersonAG, Call Craig Emerson 530-848-7138, email
Craig M. Emerson  is the Cordexagri (North America) Factory Representative for California and Nevada Territories operating out of Arbuckle CA. | PO BOX 458 | ARBUCKLE CA 95912-0458
USA Cordexagri | 501 Cambria Ave. | BENSALEM PA 19020 | USA
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“Once you go Cordex you’ll never go back!” “Bale with Ultimate Strength”

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Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008