Giant Spools Baler Twine

Baler Twine CORDEX Giant Spools

Baler Twine CORDEX Giant Spools

Cordex North America proudly presents our Giant Spools baler twine brand big square. More on the twine spool so you can run in the field longer reducing human error. Saves downtime and fuel. Also comes with Ultra Grip technology.

  • Less time stringing up which means less hand tied knots between spools equals fewer mis-ties in the field,
  • the baler has 50% more string,
  • therefore can stay in the field 50% longer,
  • Greater productivity,
  • Less down time,
  • Higher profitability,
  • Fewer problems.
  • Specifically designed for the Massey Ferguson 2100 and 2200 Series Standard balers.
  • Will also fit many Claas and Krone balers.
Baler Twine Giant Spools Biggest Balls in the Industry: 350 knot 6,000ft, 400 knot 5,500ft, 450 knot 5,000ft, 550 knot 4,400ft

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“Bale with Ultimate Strength”

CORDEX Giant Spools in Action

Bale with Ultimate Strength! Order Today!

The management system governing the manufacture of this product is ISO 9001:2008 certified. That means We Care That You Receive Premium Quality. “Bale with Ultimate Strength”

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Before any submission please visit our AgriTools products page to check your needs to determine the precise products that fit your needs. In only a few clicks you can determine the exact twine or net wrap for your equipment. Have irregular bales? Harvest different crops? Tell us your bale length and we will suggest the products that fit you needs. THEN send us your request. Requests without bale length, bale diameter or number of wraps wanted will slow the process. Please visit AgriTools now!

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Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008

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